a note from sabrina,

Artist     Activist      Altruist     Achiever

As Miss Massachusetts USA 2020, I have been blessed with the opportunity to continue my advocacy for young women and underrepresented groups within the arts, helping them to find their sense of belonging, while elevating their voices through my social initiative  #SpeakYourTruth. 

On November 9, I will compete at The Miss USA Pageant, a nationally televised once-in-a-lifetime event, airing on the FYI™ network.  Winning this competition will provide me the platform to magnify my message of empowerment. 


I want to express my gratitude to all of those who joined Team Victory and provided me with support - financially, spiritually and mentally! It is an honor to represent you all, and the great state of Massachusetts.


All my love,

                    Sabrina Victor

The Victory Circle

Thank you to all those who have made this journey possible with your contributions and support! 

BeMade - Sean Bellamy

Sophia Bruny

Anthony & Laurie Clemente

Monica Manns

Michael McPheeters

Christopher Medley

Kevin Mohorn

Abigale Morton

Priscilla Page

Ardlley Severe

Marie Voltaire

Isaac W.K. Thweatt


A Gift of Thanks

I want to send you a gift of appreciation as you support me on my journey! Please fill out the form below to receive a personalized autograph card!